DO MUSIC CIC – a Community Interest Company using MUSIC to connect with, inspire and divert people away from harmful living and towards DOing MUSIC instead.

As a CIC (Community Interest Company) we want to connect with different and varied people in our local community that might be experiencing problems with drugs and/or crime.

Leveraging music, we want to work with these people in our project to show them that they have a lot more to contribute to the local community than crime stats.

Maybe you are using drugs and it’s becoming problematic.

Maybe you’re completely fucked, in treatment and looking for something to replace the full-time job of ‘making a raise’ and scoring. Even if you are still scoring – we’ll work with you. Just don’t pinch anything! (seriously don’t, everyone else will be very annoyed).

Are you committing crime but want OUT? Are you involved in the drug market? Maybe part of the ‘county lines’ thing? Fuck that.

Are you just bored out of your mind and looking for something that actually interests you?

Forget all that other crap – DO-MUSIC.CO.UK

We have a small space in Derby with studio quality music production equipment. We have synths, drum machines, instruments and a vocal booth. This is professional gear and we make release ready music.

DO MUSIC is a professional studio space, but the primary customers are you. Have you ever listened to a tune and thought ‘I could do that!’?

Do you write lyrics all day but have no way to lay them down with a beat?

Do you want to ‘make a beat’ but don’t have a drum machine?

– come over and hang out.

We can show you on an informal basis how to put a track together, make a beat, throw down a bass line and layer lyrics. We can help you actually create a real track and release it on the Web, sell it on Bandcamp, make a mixtape or even connect with distribution and release on Spotify or Beatport etc (if you are good enough!).

Fuck all that other crap – DO-MUSIC.CO.UK.